Terms And Condition


  • Entries should not exceed 15 minutes in duration excluding titles provided the titles don’t last for more than 1 extra minute.
  • Films previously entered into and screened at any other platform are not eligible for re-entry.
  • Language of film: English or Hindi (In case of other language a hard coded subtitle in English should be embedded)
  • Organizer reserve the right to refuse to screen any submission deemed by the Festival to be inappropriate. Should you wish to question the organizers about their decision, you can contact us by email on jhankaarlpu@lpu.in
  • In the event of a film being withdrawn, organizer will not be liable to refund the fee or return the materials entered.
  • Organizer will determine the date and time when submissions will be.
  • Participation in AVIV 16 grants us the authorization to show the entered film on our event.
  • Team Size: 3-10 members


  • Life @ LPU
  • Hostel Life
  • School Wise
  • Cultural Diversity @ LPU
  • Documentry On events @ LPU
  • Inspiration
  • Social Awareness
  • Think Big

Registration fees: 500 Per Team


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