Terms And Condition


  • All entries must be accompanied by the name of the student, Reg No, Department.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to be bound by the competition rules and transfer all rights of the design without limitation to the organizer to use, display, make copies, publish in any media, alter, etc. Entries will become the sole and exclusive property of the Jhankaar-The beat of LPU.
  • Submit original artwork or comprehensive layouts. The work must be original. Consideration should be given to simple reproduction capabilities to a number of media processes. Artwork must be reproduced in not more than six-match colors. Organizer reserves the right to adjust reproduction art for optimum reproducibility to a variety of visual processes.
  • The logo should be easily displayed and usable in both color and black-and-white environment.
  • A short paragraph, explaining the concept of the design, is required.
  • If all entries are deemed unsuitable or unqualified, the organizer will have the right to determine whether to extend the dateline.
  • The organizer reserves the rights to modify the competition rules and regulations at any time.


  • Think Big
  • SOC
  • School Wise
  • Division
  • Jhankaar Logo
  • Unity
  • AVIV

Registration fees: Rs 100

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