• The organization condemns the use/play of Bollywood Songs in any of its events and hence a committee for the same shall keep a watch on the songs being selected by the participants. Playing songs in other languages/of different genres should be an alternative to violate our policy and hence Vulgar songs in any language/genre will lead to cancellation of the participation and further actions as found deem appropriate by the competent authority.
  • The organizers reserves the right to make changes/postpone/alter on anything in this regard to the announced dates of the events.
  • The organizers, at any point of time before the commencement of an event may get into decision to cancel the event for any reason. Such announcements shall be given to the registrants through SMSs however, it would be the responsibility of the registrant to keep himself/herself updated with the latest happening in regard to AVIV 2016.
  • In case any event is totally cancelled/cancelled by the organizers then a refund of the full amount of registration charge shall be made to the registrant within 30 working days after the declaration of cancellation of the event.
  • All announcements/Notices shall be released on facebook ( which should be considered as primary source of information. All sources such as UMS, website etc should be considered as secondary source of information.
  • Disbursement of  cash prizes/Certificates/Letters/Trophies/goodies or anything in this regard will take the required time hence no participant shall attempt to bound/force the organizers to disburse cash prizes/Certificates/Letters/Trophies/goodies or anything in this regard withing a time period. However,the organization will strive to disburse the said thing within proper time frame.
  • In case of misbehave with organizer or other attendees/invalid arguments/ nuisance/ or any sort of disturbance is created by the participant, the participation shall be cancelled immediately in case the event has not started. In other cases including the end of the event/declaration of winners etc if a participant is found doing the said things, the cash prize/ trophies and other benefits may also be declined by the organizers.

I agree to the guidelines